The Big Bang Theory

Newhart and "Big Bang": Comedy masters converge

This will be an interesting TV week for the odd and (especially) the funny. My previous blogs look at the return of "Warehouse 13" on Monday (April 29) and the debut of Amy Schumer's show on Tuesday. And on Thursday comes a grand comedy convergence -- Bob Newhart on "The Big Bang Theory." Here's the story I sent to papers:


Yes, TV keeps changing – wildly,
weirdly – over the years.

TV's top 10: My picks for 2011

This is the time when everyone gets to gripe and grumble about top-10 lists and such. Here's the one I set to papers; later, I'll also put my year-in-review story; let the grumbling begin:


TV critics agree on very little, except
that “Seinfeld” was funny, “West Wing” was smart and “H8R”
was a low moment in civilization.

So any top-10 list is an adventure.
Here's what I saw as the 10 best shows of 2011:

This week's two best lines

My two favorite lines in TV shows this week are both said by the same person. Well, sort of.

One is from Sheldon Cooper, the best character on the best comedy ("Big Bang Theory," 8 p.m. Thursdays, CBS) on TV. The other is by Sherlock Holmes, who is starting a series of three modern-day mystery movies ("Masterpiece Mystery," 9 p.m. Sundays, PBS).

Still, these characters are almost identical -- tall, thin geniuses who observe and understand everything ... except the normal, social functioning of average humans. The lines:

A big-bang moment from CBS

My basic life habits will have to change this fall.

For now, Monday's are my TV feast. The two best shows on TV -- "House" and "The Big Bang Theory" are there, separated by the fun "Two and a Half Men."