The Closer

This cop keeps trudging, solving major crimes

Being a TV viewer isn't easy, you know. Shows appear and vanish semi-instantly. Some pretty good ones -- "Happy Endings," "Body of Proof" -- die young.

So it's nice to see an exception, a show and an actor that keeps trudging along. On Monday (June 10), G.W. Bailey has his 120th episode of "The Closer" or "Major Crimes"; here's the story I sent to papers:


Cable is boomig, but Kyra is leaving

Tonight (Monday, July 9) is a boom time for TNT's scripted dramas. "The Closer" returns at 9 p.m., starting its final six episodes; then comes the debut of the terrific "Perception."

My previous blog has the story I sent to papers on Eric McCormack and "Perception"; here's the one I sent on Kyra Sedgwick and "The Closer."


Beth's back; TNT's busy

We're heading into an odd month for TV -- lots of Christmas (which is a good thing), lots of reruns (which isn't) and occasional exceptions.

One of those is coming next Sunday (Dec. 4), when Syfy starts a splendid, two-night "Neverland" miniseries. And one starts now, when several TNT shows return for the second halves of their season.