"Archer" takes aim

If Thursdays are meant for laughs -- they are, really -- then why stops at 10 p.m.?

Wise viewers start with CBS' "Big Bang Theory," then switch to NBC for three more comedies. There's more tonight, though, with the season-opener of the animated "Archer" at 10, with Burt Reynolds as guest star; here's the story I sent to papers:



Cartoons, cartoons and ... well, cartoons

There really was a time -- a long time -- when animation was for kids. Adults sometimes went along (reluctantly) to maintain order and keep the popcorn from spilling.

Not any more. Cartoons do pretty well on TV and extremely well at the movie box office. And over the Thanksgiving weekend, there will be an animation avalanche.

At the bottom of this blog, I've included a list of the key animated movies and specials, Thursday through Saturday. And to prepare, I viewed two new specials and one not-new movie.  They are: