Billy Crystal

A stroll through Oscar night

During this Academy Award night, I'll do a sort ongoing commentary. For some preview stories, please check previous blogs; here we go:

1) Ryan Seacrest does a fine job in the red-carpet interviews. At a time when vapid is normal, he has solid questions to ask, BUT ...

It's Academy Award day

This is Academy Award day, when all reasonable people get terribly excited.

Well, I do, anyway. On this site, I'll put:

-- The overall preview that I sent to papers. It also includes a couple comments from Frank DeCaro, whose "Dead Celebrities Cookbook" might be helpful at next year's party. You'll find more details at

Jay: Day 12

Let's think of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a sort of pioneer. Tonight, she crossed the silly border into NBC's prime time.

In an absurd bit of pettiness, CBS and ABC reportedly told their stars not to be guests on the new "Jay Leno Show." This is especially absurd because the show:

-- Is little threat, finishing third each night in Nielsen ratings for its three-network time slot.