Black Eyed Peas

Super Bowl, Part II

Just how long is a moment, anyway?

At one point, the Fox Super Bowl pre-game show said we were "a few moments from kick-off." We were 45 minutes away.

I'm not complaining overall, of course. Anything that concludes with the Packers winning the Super Bowl is good.

I had a bunch of comments in the previous blog. A few more:

1) Overall, Fox did a good job. In particular, Troy Aikman is a first-rate analyst.

Talking back to "Idol Gives Back"

Here are a few of my "Idol Gives Back" comments; please add yours:

1) This has been inspirational-song week on "American Idol." I know that the Black Eyed Peas inspired me to rock your body.

2) More specifically, it inspired me to rock Fergie's body.

3) Much of the music tonight was truly magnificent. Carrie Underwood ... Alicia Keys ... Elton John ... Joss Stone (backed by Jeff Beck) ... Mary J. Blige (backed by, well, everyone) -- these people sing sensationally. They packed power and emotion.