Carrie Underwood

"Idol": It's a little more country now

This is the last of three stories I sent to papers, previewing the "American Idol" season that starts Wednesday and Thursday, Jan.16-17. The previous blogs offer an overview and a box with details. Here's a story looking at "Idol" changes, especially the fresh interest in country music:


On the surface, the new “American
Idol” season looks suspiciously like the 11 previous ones.

A strong and faithful fairwell

Yes, I'm surprised to see Colton Dixon leaving "American Idol" so soon. Here's the quick-turnaround piece I just sent to papers, from his interview this morning. Also, please read the three previous blogs -- one on my comedy gig Sunday and two commenting on "Idol" this week:


It may take a while for Colton Dixon to
realize he's not on “American Idol” any more.

Talking back to "Idol Gives Back"

Here are a few of my "Idol Gives Back" comments; please add yours:

1) This has been inspirational-song week on "American Idol." I know that the Black Eyed Peas inspired me to rock your body.

2) More specifically, it inspired me to rock Fergie's body.

3) Much of the music tonight was truly magnificent. Carrie Underwood ... Alicia Keys ... Elton John ... Joss Stone (backed by Jeff Beck) ... Mary J. Blige (backed by, well, everyone) -- these people sing sensationally. They packed power and emotion.

A sorta Super night

OK, it was mostly a super night for TV viewers. Here are a few of my views of the Super Bowl telecast; please add yours:

1) The top-notch pre-game music offered opposites. First, Queen Latifah had the spledid backing of a children's choir; then Carrie Underwood worked alone, for a strong version of the National Anthem.

2) Carrie, incidentally, looked rather terrific in white. That would have been Elvis' favorite outfit, once he lost 100 pounds or so.