Dale Evans

Dusty Rogers: Some things are worth repeating (a lot)

In the previous blog, I took an overview of the upcoming Rose Bowl parade. Here's a peek at one of the key people.


For Roy Rogers Jr., this veers close to
being too much of a good thing.

During the two-hour Tournament of Roses
parade Monday, he said, he plans to sing “the same song, over and
over and over.” Fortunately, he's fond of:

Roy Rogers at 100 -- classic Americana

One of my favorite posters is for "Frontier Pony Express," a 1939 Roy Rogers film.

I could quibble about the title. (Why do we have to say "frontier"; what are the odds of an urban pony express?) But I loved the notion that Rogers starred in eight movies -- yes, eight of them -- in the year (1939) when Clark Gable settled for one (albeit a good one, "Gone With the Wind").