Dancing With the Stars

Can a dancing Dick find out-of-comfort joy?

In its first 15 seasons, "Dancing With the Stars" has been won by seven athletes, three singers and two actors, plus a TV personality, reality star Melissa Rycroft and soldier-turned-actor J.R. Martinez.

So far, however, it's never been won by a comedian-turned-actor. Andy Dick -- wonderfully talented and consistently offbeat -- tries to be the first. Here's the story I sent to papers:


In this do-over, retake world, “Dancing
With the Stars” is different.

Now it's "Dancing With the All-stars," sort of

OK, it was fun to see "Dancing With the Stars" unveil its "all-star" (well, some star) cast today. Earlier, I sent papers a quick version of the story; see previous blog. Here's the second version I sent, after talking with more of the people:


LOS ANGELES – “Dancing With the
Stars” began as a silly summer show. Semi-known actors did barely
known dance styles; the winner got a chintzy-looking disco ball.

Jaleel is dancing; others are groping

This is a big week for Jaleel White.

On Monday and Tuesday, he bounced back from last week's "Dancing With the Stars" slump and jumped to No. 2 on the leader board. Tonight (Wednesday, April 25), his game show ("Total Blackout") opens on Syfy. Here's an updated version of the story I sent to papers: