David Morse

Tarzan and Shakespeare co-exist inside Hurst

I'm back from two weeks in Hollywood, interviewing TV people. A few of my stories have alreadty been sent to papers(see previous blogs), but many more are coming,. Here's one, about two quiet hulks in the "Outsiders" universe:

By Mike Hughes

PASADENA, Cal. -- As
Ryan Hurst fills up a TV screen, his characters seems endlessly

Outside the grid, there's violence, warmth and ATV-riding bandits

There are many reasons why I'm not planning to join an off-the-grid commiunity, somewhere in the wilderness. One involves my desire for a steady form of food and drink; the other involves an unwillingness to miss "Big Bang Theory.":

Still, there's great potential there for dramas. "Outsiders" -- which debuts Tuesday (Jan. 26) on WGN and reruns nightly -- offers a rich tale of an outside culture. Here's the story I sent to papers:


By Mike Hughes

Lights out for "Lights Out"

OK, apparently some cable shows do get canceled after all.

The good news this week was that both "Southland" and "Onion News Network" were renewed for a second season. The bad news came this afternoon: "Lights Out" won't be back.

That's too bad, but it's easy to see the up side: This is a show with a logical one-season arc, as "Lights" Leary struggled for a comeback bout to avoid bankruptcy. It's ending with: