Celebrating the art of the Corman quickie

I admire filmmakers who can do a lot with a little.

I like the ragged energy Alex Orr got in his $25,000 "Blood Car." And what Shane Hagedorn and Michael McCallum can get for less -- maybe $20-some,000 less -- than that in "Handlebar" and other movies. And for the artistry Nathaniel Nose has inserted in his handmade, homemade films.

I admire the best of the genre films (both written by John Sayles), "Alligator" and "The Howling." And, of course, I admire the giant of the cheapie-film world, Roger Corman.

Making movies cheaply AND well

Mingling in my movie mind today are Roger Corman, Michael McCallum and Shane Hagedorn. That's a talented-but-quirky bunch.

Corman is the master of micro-budget filmmaking. Now, at 83, he emerges with:

-- His latest movie production. "Dinoshark" debuts March 13 on cable's Syfy.

-- The Academy Awards, on March 7. Corman has already received his honorary award, so he'll probably have to settle for waving from the audience.