Eddie McClintock

This time, for a change, dead means dead

For fans of "Warehouse 13," this has been a tough time. One of the good guys (Artie) killed another (Leena) and released a toxin that could kill billions more. Life wobbled ... and then the show took a seven-month break.

It's finally back Monday (April 29), with a terrific episode. Here' the story I sent to papers:


Even in science-fiction, it seems,
there are limits. Occasionally, dead people must stay dead.

When the sci-fi world wobbles, just say "huh????"

A terrific show ended its run last week. Fortunately, a good one takes its place.

Gone is "Eureka," an oft-overlooked delight. However, "Warehouse 13" manages to have a similar sense of offbeat whimsy. After exploding its world (literally) at the end of last season, it returns with a dandy episode at 9 p.m. Monday (July 23). Here's the story I sent to papers:


As “Warehouse 13” returns, Eddie
McClintock has an important function.