Elizabeth Taylor

Liz II: Alas, "Cleopatra"

I"m guessing that Twentieth Century-Fox has forgiven Elizabeth Taylor for "Cleopatra."

At the time, there was talk that this was the movie that would bankrupt the studio. As Taylor kept calling in sick, the cost soared; the resulting film was large and lush and, alas, merely OK.

It eventually broke even, however. And now, as its tribute to Taylor -- who died Wednesday of congestive heart failure, at 79 -- the Fox Movie Channel is airing the movie all day Sunday.

Liz: Good actress, great movies

It's easy to focus on the character quirks of Elizabeth Taylor, who died today of heart failure at 79. She was, apparently, a good and decent person (one of the first in Hollywood to champion AIDS victims) and a bizarre person.

Still, let's focus on something else: She became a good actress who was in some truly great movies. Proof of that will come April 10, when Turner Classic Movies has an all-day Liz-athon.