This time, TV is important and involving

I interview a lot of silly people about a lot of silly things. That's sort of the nature of television and ... well, of me.

Occasionally, however, there's an interview that stirs me on different levels. That includes the one with Michael Young, who led secret talks that helped end apartheid. His story is told at 9 p.m. Sunday in "Endgame," the superb film that launches the season for PBS' "Masterpiece Contemporary."

The TV trip: The best

I'm back in the rhythm of real life now, after two overcrowded weeks of interviews in Los Angeles.

The blogs slowed down during those weeks -- blame technical troubles and the "So You Think You Can  Dance" finals for some of that -- but now I'll try offer bits from the TV trip. Let's start at the top: On the final day, I saw the best new show of this fall's season.