A gun-toting history prof helps save the world

On Sunday, cable-viewers might obsess on farewells. That night brings the sason-finales of "The Killing," "The Borgias," "Nurse Jackie," "The Big C" and "Girls."

Still, try not to miss "Falling Skies," a sharply crafted show with Noah Wyle as a history professor, helping lead a rebel army on an Earth overtaken by aliens. Here's the story I sent to papers:



TV finales -- good, great and other

The world needs special honors for TV shows that have good finales. It
also needs penalties -- something short of capital punishment,
but not too far short -- for the ones that don't.

(Also, please read my previous blog, reviewing the new "Sunshine Cleaning" movie.)

Some penalties should go to the producers who
let their shows die weakly. "The Sopranos," "Seinfeld" and
"X-Files" all disappointed.