Friday Night Lights

TV's top 10: My picks for 2011

This is the time when everyone gets to gripe and grumble about top-10 lists and such. Here's the one I set to papers; later, I'll also put my year-in-review story; let the grumbling begin:


TV critics agree on very little, except
that “Seinfeld” was funny, “West Wing” was smart and “H8R”
was a low moment in civilization.

So any top-10 list is an adventure.
Here's what I saw as the 10 best shows of 2011:

Quick thoughts: "Black Swan," "SNL," "Friday Night Lights"

Some quick thoughts on three things:

1) I finally saw "Black Swan" today and mostly liked it; had the last minute been cut, I could have liked it a lot more. This is a dark and disturbing ride, but Natalie Portman is brilliant; I have to admit that she deserves the Oscar she's about to get .... even Jennifer Lawrence's perfect performance in the superb "Winter's Bone" can't compete.

TV finales -- good, great and other

The world needs special honors for TV shows that have good finales. It
also needs penalties -- something short of capital punishment,
but not too far short -- for the ones that don't.

(Also, please read my previous blog, reviewing the new "Sunshine Cleaning" movie.)

Some penalties should go to the producers who
let their shows die weakly. "The Sopranos," "Seinfeld" and
"X-Files" all disappointed.