Gillian Anderson

"Masterpiece" is back, amid high expectations

It's always good news when "Masterpiece" returns, with its richly crafted dramas. Now -- after another long pledge-drive pause -- three minisries will air on Sundays, starting with "Great Expectations" and Gillian Anderson's wondrfully offbeat performance. Here's the story I sent to papers:


Sprawling from the marshes of Kent to
the ballrooms of London, Charles Dickens'“Great Expectations” is
a key part of some British educations.

This one is a true epic

(Here's a story I just sent to papers, about a terrific mini-series that starts Monday. I'll add to this note later.)


We all know that “Moby Dick” –
the book, the movies, the fictional whale itself – is terribly big
and important. It takes a while, however, to figure out why.