Human Target

Bad news: "The Chicago Code" and "Human Target" won't be back

Lately, we've been used to a stream of good news from Fox: "Fringe" will be back next season, despite weak ratings ... Steven Spielberg's hugely ambitious "Terra Nova" is coming this falll ... Paula Abdul will re-unite with Simon Cowell, as judges on his "The X Factor."

So maybe we should have expected the bad news that came next: Reports surfaced today that "The Chicago Code" and "Human Target" won't be back; also being cancelled are "Lie to Me," "Traffic Light" and "Breaking In."

Fox and FX sorta save December

The Fox network started by cleverly going where the others weren't. At various points, it tried all the things the big networks had abandoned. Some failed (there are, at times, good reasons for abandoment) and some succeeded splendidly; Fox revived primetime cartoons ("Simpsons"), variety shows ("In Living Color"), sci-fi ("X-Files") and amateur competitions ("American Idol").

Can Fridays be saved? (Part I)

The new TV season began with odd optimism: After giving up on Saturdays (with no new scripted shows) the networks had decided to rescue Fridays.

ABC and NBC would each have one scripted hour on Fridays, CW would have two. Fox would have two strong action shows -- "Human Target" and "The Good Guys." CBS, which always has three, would insert some of its stronger hours, including the new "Blue Bloods."