Jackie Evancho

America's got a new millionaire

OK, I didn't see that coming: Right to the final moments, I thought Jackie Evancho -- the little 10-year-old who has a classical soprano trapped in her larnyx -- would win "America's Got Talent."

She only finished second; Michael Grimm, a bluesy singer with talent and the only sort-of-normal act in the final four, won.

Is life one big competition show?

Maybe we're reaching the point where all of life is one big reality-competition show.

That's how it will seem Wednesday (Sept. 15). In one dizzying night, four final champions will be named; that same night, two more shows start and one cotinues. Our VCR's might implode.

TV has always been about feast-or-famine, all-or-nothing, overload-or-wasteland, but this takes it to an extreme. The finales are: