James Wolk

Wolk is back; that's good news

Last season, I was proclaiming James Wolk to be TV's next big star.

Others were, too. There was one problem: His show, "Lone Star," was pulled semi-instantly

Now Wolk is back, guesting on "Happy Endings" beginning tonight (Wednesday, Feb. 8). It's only for three episodes -- but hey, that's one more than the number of "Lone Star" episodes that aired. Here's the story I sent to papers:


TV trip ended on a high note (at last)

It was at the very end of the TV tour -- final network, final day -- when we finally came across what had been missing -- a really superb, top-of-the-line new show.

That's "Boardwalk Empire," the richly layered Martin Scorsese series that opens Sept. 19 on HBO, in the "Sopranos" slot. We're not surprised that it's great; we are surprised that it's alone.

A typical fall crop might include several superb shows. Last year brought "Glee," "Modern Family," "The Good Wife" and more.