Katelyn Epperly

A bad, bad night for "Idol"

This was a wretched night for "American Idol," one that will hurt the rest of the season.

Until tonight, this season was distinguished by the wonderful variety and talent of the women. These weren't just the cookie-cutter cuties we're used to; they had distinctive looks and sounds. And three of them -- Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus and Lilly Scott -- had the feel of indie-rock stardom.

The first two survived tonight, but Lilly -- one of the most interesting contestants the show has had -- was inexplicably voted out.

"Idol": The women are way ahead

It's getting easy to tell men from women: On "American Idol," the women are the ones who can sing.

In each of the first two weeks, the guys have managed only one memorable singer -- Casey James last week, Michael Lynche this week. The women, by comparison, bring great cascades of talent.

There was Crystal Bowersox, the day after she'd been hospitalized; she gave a wonderful, gospel kind of feel.