Decades later, true crime stories keep gripping viewers

This is a story that I sent to papers, but failed to post here. Sorry about that; here it is.


By Mike Hughes

Joe Berlinger has
spent decades in a distant corner of the TV landscape.

"Flint": A gentle approach to a gritty crisis

If you scroll a few blogs down, you'll see the storty I sent to papers about the "Flint" movie on cable's Lifetime channel. Here's one more thing, a review:

By Mike Hughes

The Flint water
story could have been told in many ways.

In Flint, "housewives" battled officials and (sometimes) won

At times, we might forget how good a TV movie can be. The bad ones -- there are many -- can be brash and dim-witted; the good ones can take profound looks at important issues. Michigan people saw that long ago, with "The Burning Bed"; now they see it with "Flint," a compelling film that debuts Saturday (Oct. 28) on Lifetime. Here's the story I sent to papers.


By Mike Hughes

Cable and TV add moreWhitney Houston specials

With Whitney Houston's funeral scheduled for noon Saturday (Feb. 18), TV and cable channels keep adding more coverage.

There have already been documentaries all week, but here's what's still coming:

-- Friday (Feb. 17): "NAACP Image Awards," 8-10 p.m., NBC. A
Houston tribute is being added. That's followed at 10 by a "Dateline" that includes Al Roker interviewing Aretha Franklin about Houston.

"Five": The best TV movie in years

OK, people have had some good excuses lately for not watching TV. The weather has been perfect in many places. It happens.

Now, however, it's time to start watching. Tonight (Monday, Oct. 10) is big, with:

-- A makeover for the struggling Oprah Winfrey Network, starting at 7 p.m. with Rosie O'Donnell's new talk show (see previous blog).

-- The departure of "The Playboy Club," a dark and dreary show that didn't deserve to live (see two blogs ago).