Lilly Scott

"Idol" saves itself

In theory, the "save" feature lets "American Idol" judges save one contestant from dismissal. Last season, that was Matt Giraud; tonight, it was Michael Lynche.

But it's more than that: Tonight, "Idol" really saved itself.

This edition only started with five really distinctive singers --and one of them (Lilly Scott) inexplicably failed to make the top 12. That left it with two great talents (Lynche and Crystal Bowersox), two very good ones (Siobhan Magnus and Casey James) and a lot of OK ones.

Lacey's gone? That makes sense

Lots of times, no-surprise is a really good thing. That was the case tonight, when "American Idol" voters sent Lacey Brown home.

I was still recovering from last week -- (see a couple blogs back) -- when Lilly Scott and Katelyn Epperly were wrongly ousted. This time, there was no such shock. Lacey seems like a nice kid with a great hair stylist, but that still doesn't make her tour-worthy or top-10-worthy. Here are a few of my other comments; please add yours:

Rolling past the Stones

No one did us any favors by declaring this Rolling Stones week on "American Idol."

Life without Lilly? That's bad for "Idol"

You may have noticed in a previous blog that I'm deeply bummed about Lilly Scott failing to make the top 12 on "American Idol."

That's enough about me, though. Now let's hear from the people involved -- Scott and Katelyn Epperly, who was also voted out. Here's the story I sent to papers. I don't put all of my stories in this blog space, but I try to include all the "Idol" ones:


A bad, bad night for "Idol"

This was a wretched night for "American Idol," one that will hurt the rest of the season.

Until tonight, this season was distinguished by the wonderful variety and talent of the women. These weren't just the cookie-cutter cuties we're used to; they had distinctive looks and sounds. And three of them -- Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus and Lilly Scott -- had the feel of indie-rock stardom.

The first two survived tonight, but Lilly -- one of the most interesting contestants the show has had -- was inexplicably voted out.

"Idol": Smile though your stay is ending

Some "American Idol" choices make an ouster seem inevitable.

Flash back to 2007, when the final nine were suppose to each choose a classic American song. Gina Glocksen chose "Smile." It wasn't until after she'd been ousted, she said, that she realized the emotions involved with saying farewell while singing: "Smile, though your heart is breaking, smile even though it's aching ..."

Strong start for "Idol:

This is a good sign: Halfway through the first full "American Idol" performances, I already have four favorites. Maybe four-and-a-half.

This was women's night, with the men singing Wednesday and the results -- plus Kris Allen (see previous blog) and Kris Allen -- on Thursday. Here are my favorites; please comment on yours:

-- Lilly Scott, not far removed from when she was living in a car and singing on the sidewalk. Big and blond (platinum), she's memorable for her quirky look and her personal music style.