Little Miss Sunshine

"Ruby" sparks a "Purple Rose" moment

In real life, alas, there aren't nearly
enough “Purple Rose of Cairo” moments.

Last night, I had one, at the end of an
alternately deep and charming movie, “Ruby Sparks.”

In Woody Allen's “Purple Rose,” one
of the actors in a movie steps out of the movie screen and talks to
someone in the audience. That doesn't seem to happen in real life,
but it should.

"Sunshine" at the movies

As "Sunshine Cleaning" begins, you kind of expect "Little Miss Sunshine" re-visited.

The two movies have several things in common -- a couple of producers, one actor (Alan Arkin), an independent-movie sensibility and ... well, the word "Sunshine." It doesn't show up a lot in movie titles, you know.

Still, almost everything is different -- the writers, the directors and, often, the tone. "Cleaning" is a comedy, but a dark one.