Michael Jackson

The '80s -- from malaise to giddiness

This is a busy time for cable networks. Coming first are a reality show tonight (Thurday, April 11) on USA and the epic series "Da Vinci's Demons" on Friday. (See previous blogs.)

Then comes the Sunday rush -- season-openers for "The Borgias" and "Nurse Jackie" on Showime and "Veep" on HBO. And alongside them, National Geographic starts a surprisingly good three-night documentary series, "The '80s." Here's the story I sent to papers:


A night at the Grammys

What can you say of a night in which Lady Gaga was more subtle and sedate than many others?

There she was, with Elton John -- remember when one could be flamboyant merely by wearing big glasses and a sparkly sportcoat? -- and a cast of dozens. It was a rousing Grammy-opener, but other numbers would soon be even bigger.

There was Green Day with a Broadway-bound cast. And a nearly naked pink, swirling around Cirque du Soleil style. And Jamie Foxx and others with a pseudo-opera intro. And robots and soldiers and much more.