Modern Family

Emmys: The call of the new

Staring at approximately 14,000 new Emmy nominations today, what do we make of it all? Here are a few trends, gripes and more:

1) New is big: Anything new tends to seem bright and shiny and appealing. This year, three first-year shows scored big. "The Good Wife" is up for best drama, with Julianna Margulies up for best actress in a drama. "Glee" and "Modern Family" are both up for best comedy, with many of their actors also nominated.

The TV trip: The best

I'm back in the rhythm of real life now, after two overcrowded weeks of interviews in Los Angeles.

The blogs slowed down during those weeks -- blame technical troubles and the "So You Think You CanĀ  Dance" finals for some of that -- but now I'll try offer bits from the TV trip. Let's start at the top: On the final day, I saw the best new show of this fall's season.