Molly Malaney

Can Jillian bring sanity to "Bachelor"?

So now Jillian Harris will try to bring sanity to the "Bachelor" process.

She brings two key advantages: She's Canadian and she's female.

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The last few guys have been absurd. One went through the whole process with 25 bright and beautiful women and chose no one; viewers wondered why they had bothered. Then Jason Mesnick kept choosing and unchoosing.

A botched "Bachelor"

"I don't get it at all," Melissa Rycroft said on the post-"Bachelor" show Monday (March 2). "None of it makes sense."

And that provides a concise review of this round of "The Bachelor."

Jason Mesnick had told viewers he was really fond of one finalist (Molly Malaney of Grand Rapids), but the other one (Melissa Rycroft of Dallas, Texas) is open and easy to love. He proposed, she accepted, they said they were the happiest people on the planet.