Peter Pan soars into Syfy's big week

You're never sure what to expect with the Syfy Channel. It can be as brilliant as "Battlestar Galactica" or the best moments of "Eureka"; it can be as silly as some of its Saturday movies ... or as the way it decided to mis-spell Sci-Fi.

Now, however, comes a grand, seven-day stretch:

-- Sunday-Monday (Dec. 4-5): "Neverland" shows what can be done when an old story gets an epic re-telling. The Peter Pan story has great visuals and clever touches; at the end of this, I'll put the story that I sent to papers.

Beth's back; TNT's busy

We're heading into an odd month for TV -- lots of Christmas (which is a good thing), lots of reruns (which isn't) and occasional exceptions.

One of those is coming next Sunday (Dec. 4), when Syfy starts a splendid, two-night "Neverland" miniseries. And one starts now, when several TNT shows return for the second halves of their season.