Dusty Rogers: Some things are worth repeating (a lot)

In the previous blog, I took an overview of the upcoming Rose Bowl parade. Here's a peek at one of the key people.


For Roy Rogers Jr., this veers close to
being too much of a good thing.

During the two-hour Tournament of Roses
parade Monday, he said, he plans to sing “the same song, over and
over and over.” Fortunately, he's fond of:

Rose parade: An exercise in cable democracy

For all of its silliness, the Rose Bowl parade provides great fun each Jan. 1 -- or, this year, Jan. 2. Here's a story I sent to papers; I also put in some sidebars that I'll put here:


Booming through Pasadena, the
Tournament of Roses parade offers a sort of heightened Americana.

Here are 21 marching bands, 20
equestrian units and 21 floats. And here are masses watching it.