Robert Greenblatt

Somewhere in that pile, there's a new TV season

Amid all the clamor of cable and streaming and more, it's easy to forget this: A new TV season is coming soon for the broadcast networks, officially starting Sept. 21. As usual, it has a pile of new shows, most of them proclaimed as fresh and exciting and such; as usual, a few of them really are. I'll be listing and ranking them over the next few days; first, here's the overview I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

A new season nears: Here's an overview

The new TV season officially starts Sept. 23, with shows sneaking in ahead of time. Here's the story I sent to papers, taking an overview. Coming up are breakdowns of the shows, from best to worst:


NBC cheers: "We're No. 3"

Here's the story I sent to papers this morning, on NBC and its post-Olympic world:


LOS ANGELES – This is not a statement
you would have heard from NBC a while back:

“We're really happy to be No. 3,”
Robert Greenblatt, the programing chief, told reporters Tuesday.

In the “must-see TV” days, NBC
topped the Nielsen ratings. In the current, needn't-see times, it
spent about seven years in fourth place.

After the fall, NBC starts its makeover

We've started the newsy part of the Television Critics Association sessions now, so I'll be putting some things here, shortly after I send them to papers. Here's a quick overview of NBC:


PASADENA, Cal. -- Surveying the wreckage of his season,
NBC's programming chief was frank.

“We had a really bad fall,” Robert
Greenblatt told the Television Critics Association on today (Friday, Jan. 6).