Rock Center

TV in 2011: Comedy came back, Oprah struggled

Earlier, I put my TV top-10 list here (see previous blog) and promises to add an overview of the TV year. Here's the the story I sent to paper:


For TV viewers, the new year started
with a new network and new hopes.

"Rock Center" has a strong start

A couple blogs earlier, I interviewed people about "Rock Center," the NBC newsmagazine. Now the first episode has aired (10 p.m. Monday, NBC); let's look at whether the show's producers kept their promises:

1) They promised to have longer features, maybe two or three to an hour. In the opener, there were four features and an in-studio interview.

A news magazine with (really) news stories

A lot of things have been passed off lately as TV "news magazines." They've told old crime stories or new celebrity stories; the "magazine" part is right, the "news" part is iffy.

That's why tonight's arrival of "Rock Center" -- 10 p.m. Mondays on NBC -- seems important. By all accounts, this will be an actual, serious news magazine.


I'll try to have a review of it afterward. For now, here's the story I sent to papers: