Stefano Langone

Stefano: This time, "Idol" didn't shock him

OK, all of us -- including Stefano Langone -- thought that Stefano Langone would be leaving "American Idol" soon. He took everything, including a huge hug from James Durbin, in stride.

The real surprise may be just how deeply music is embedded into Langone's life. He talks about things viewers never saw -- original music, piano, more; he talks with contagious enthusiasm. Here's the story I sent to papers, after a group interview this afternoon:


"Idol": A great year to be a teen

On Wednesday, "American Idol" producer Ken Warwick told reporters that the voting procedures may be tweaked next season. "It's something that w're going to have a long discussion about," he said.

And tonight, we again saw that a change is needed.

The shock wasn't that Stefano Langone was sent home. He's been in the bottom two or three most weeks; two weeks ago (when Pia Toscano was ousted) he seemed stunned that it wasn't him.

"Idol": The save makes sense

When “American Idol” hatched its
“judges' save” scheme, I was skeptical. Would it be used
properly? Would it make a difference?

So far, it's “yes” to both.
Tonight's save of Casey Abrams was another good one.

The first person saved, in 2009, was
Matt Giraud. As a result, he finished fifth, not eighth.

The second was Michael Lynche, the
giant powerhouse. He finished fourth, not 10th.

"Idol": The guys keep soaring

I've always liked the women on "American Idol." That may be due to my sexuality (hetero) or some other personal quirk. Whatever the reason, it's an ongoing thing; twice in the finals, I was rooting for the female (Katharine McPhee, Crystal Bowersox) who lost to a guy.

So this wasn't an easy conclusion for me: This year, the guys totally and completely dominate "Idol."

The guys rule "Idol"

In years past, "American Idol" judges would proclaim a "guys' year" or a "girls' year" or such. This time, alas, there's no discussion; the guys rule, big-time.

Yes, the women did pretty well tonight, especially Pia Toscano (as usual) and Lauren Alaina (with an instant comeback). But none would or could do anything to match four transcendent guys.