Steven Tyler

Tyler and J-Lo leave; "Idol" will be fine

After all that speculation on whether Jennifer Lopez is leaving "American Idol," there was a different matter first:

Steven Tyler has just announced he won't be back. He'll return his focus to Aerosmith, making sure he'll keep rocking while he's still young. (Well, while he's still 64.)

Afterward, news came that Lopez won't be back either.

(Semi-)Good News: The "Idol" judges are back

Fox made it official this afternoon: All of its "American Idol" judges will be back when the season starts Jan. 22.

Should you be happy out it? Definitely, if you're a Fox executive or accountant or advertiser; the rest of us will take it with a shrug.

In many ways, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez brought fresh life to the show. They seemed genuinely enthusiastic; they cared about the contestants and the music.