Life without villains? It happens

Tonight (Wednesday), "Survivor" forges ahead without its prime villain. Russell Hantz is gone, way earlier than expected.

Meanwhile, "Celebrity Apprentice" spared its villain -- Richard Hatch, the guy who created this reality-show villainry. Here's a story I sent to papers, with Donald Trump and others offering some views:



From the first “Survivor,” reality
shows have thrived on villains. Now two shows have opposite fates:

A big-bang moment from CBS

My basic life habits will have to change this fall.

For now, Monday's are my TV feast. The two best shows on TV -- "House" and "The Big Bang Theory" are there, separated by the fun "Two and a Half Men."

A week of reality finales

Plenty of people say they just don't have time for a reality competition TV show. That sort of requires watching week after week.

Not to worry; right now you can simply catch the finales of two shows and the entirety of another. They are:

-- "The Sing-off," NBC's battle of a cappella groups. It's 8-10 p.m. Monday through Wednesday (Dec. 14-16), then concludes Dec. 21.

Please watch "Survivor" and "Endgame"

Please do me two favors:

1) Watch "Survivor" tonight (8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 22). It brings surprises and an emotional jolt. An advance copy didn't arrive in time for my regular column, but I wanted to tell about it now. A medical emergency -- to one of the strongest players, no less -- creates a crisis, with host Jeff Probst having to intervene; deep feelings are stirred. Please watch it and add your comments.