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Jane Fonda: A life in many parts -- many of them contrasting, all compelling

Jane Fonda has entwined through much of my life. Like her, I assumed the U.S. was in Vietnam for all the right reasons. (I was there myself, assuming we were up to good,) And like many people, I've seen her work ever since, some of it superb. Now there's a terrific documentary Monday (Sept. 24) on HBO; here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

Looking back, Jane
Fonda sort of agrees: Her life has been big, odd and very

Philip Roth: A happy guy creates tortured souls

Now for something completely different.

My previous blog dealt with "penny can," which is ... well, the art of throwing pennies into a can. This one deals with writer Philip Roth, who exercises the art of exploring the human soul. Stories can cover quite a range, I guess.

Anyway, Roth is the subject of a superb "American Masters" special, Friday on most PBS stations. Here's the story I sent to papers:


Lots of readers figure they know Philip

Geffen: This Brooklyn kid has a boat, a billion and a bundle of memories

So David Geffen flew in one day from Sardinia, talked to reporters for an hour, then flew back. Subsequently I learned: a) Where Sardinia is. (It's a long ways away and he has a boat there); b) Geffen has had key roles in the history of music, movies and more; and c) It's sometimes nice to be a self-made billionaire.