For 50 years, "12 Monkeys" has put the world in danger


The Syfy channel wants to give us some pleasant Friday evenings. Beginning this week (Jan. 16), it has a new "Helix" season at 10 p.m., with the threat of a worldwide epidemic. It precedes that at 9 with the debut of "12 Monkeys" ... which has a time-traveler trying to prevent an epidemic that already happened. It's not the Friday-night funnies, I guess. Here's the story I sent to papers:


OK New York, it's time to beware of flying sharks

What do we do during the Television Critics Association sessions in Los Angeles? Serious things, often; during the 16-day stretch that just ended, we chatted with writers and producers and generals, plus Kobe Bryant and Dave Grohl and the Kiss guys.

A New Zealand chap suddenly becomes the god of gods

This is the beauty of the Television Critics Association tour: One moment, you're talking to people from an epic-scale Hollywood production -- a "Gotham" or "Sleepy Hollow" or such. The next, you're talking to an amiable guy who stars in the first New Zealand series to jump straight to American TV. "The Almighty Johnsons" is a clever show, at 10 p.m. Fridays on Syfy; here's the story, about its star, that I sent to papers:

Yes, snow is good for something -- making eerie TV

Right now, I'm not feeling that cheery about snow. That may be because 18 inches of it plopped onto me in a day or so, requiring lots of shoveling. Still, I have to admit that snowy settings can help a TV show. The latest example is "Helix," which debuts Friday (Jan. 10) on Syfy. Here's the story I sent to papers:


This time, for a change, dead means dead

For fans of "Warehouse 13," this has been a tough time. One of the good guys (Artie) killed another (Leena) and released a toxin that could kill billions more. Life wobbled ... and then the show took a seven-month break.

It's finally back Monday (April 29), with a terrific episode. Here' the story I sent to papers:


Even in science-fiction, it seems,
there are limits. Occasionally, dead people must stay dead.

When the sci-fi world wobbles, just say "huh????"

A terrific show ended its run last week. Fortunately, a good one takes its place.

Gone is "Eureka," an oft-overlooked delight. However, "Warehouse 13" manages to have a similar sense of offbeat whimsy. After exploding its world (literally) at the end of last season, it returns with a dandy episode at 9 p.m. Monday (July 23). Here's the story I sent to papers:


As “Warehouse 13” returns, Eddie
McClintock has an important function.

Sharks and Jersey Shore: How could it miss?

The Saturday Syfy films tend to be fun ... and there will be new ones for four straight weeks.  That starts June 9 with "Jersey Shore Shark Attack," which is pretty close to mandatory viewing. Here's the story I sent to papers:



As soon as the title was announced, it
was clear the Syfy Channel would grab attention.

Movie memories are faster now

Remember when it would take decades before a movie would be considered a classic, suitable for memorabilia?

It's all faster now; "Hunger Games" is still in theaters, but people are already talking about buying collectibles, taking fan tours ... or buying the entire town of District 12.

That's all part of the world of Joe Maddalena and "Hollywood Treasure," which has its "Hunger Games" episode Tuesday (June 5). Here's the story I sent to papers:


Jaleel is dancing; others are groping

This is a big week for Jaleel White.

On Monday and Tuesday, he bounced back from last week's "Dancing With the Stars" slump and jumped to No. 2 on the leader board. Tonight (Wednesday, April 25), his game show ("Total Blackout") opens on Syfy. Here's an updated version of the story I sent to papers:


Eureka! We've found (again) a good show

First, please read my previous blog about the stand-up comedy show coming Sunday. I'm hoping someone shows up and even laughs.

And speaking of humor, "Eureka" is finally back tonight (Monday, April 16). This show leaps between droll humor and straight science-fiction action, but usually works well. Its final season starts now; here's the story I sent to papers:


Eureka is sort of like any little town.