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A bad, bad night for "Idol"

This was a wretched night for "American Idol," one that will hurt the rest of the season.

Until tonight, this season was distinguished by the wonderful variety and talent of the women. These weren't just the cookie-cutter cuties we're used to; they had distinctive looks and sounds. And three of them -- Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus and Lilly Scott -- had the feel of indie-rock stardom.

The first two survived tonight, but Lilly -- one of the most interesting contestants the show has had -- was inexplicably voted out.

Who knew? Guys can sing, too

So it turns out that guys can sing songs, too. After the early weeks of "American Idol," I'd almost forgotten.

In the first two weeks of live shows, we saw 22 performances by guys. Exactly two of them (one by Casey James, the other by Michael Lynche) were memorable. The rest seemed to aspire to adequacy.

At first, tonight's show seemed like more of the same. Lee Dewyze and Alex Lambert were OK, nothing more.