Yes, teaching can be funny ... from a distance

OK, maybe it doesn't seem funny at the time to have a hapless teacher ... or to be one. But the new show "Teachers" is great fun ... and the upcoming "Those Who Can't" is promising. Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

say you're looking for fresh troves of comedy material.

These "Masters" create mobile artwork

Do we really need another reality competition show? Yes, if the subject happens to stir emotions. And "Motor City Masters" involves something (car design) that people view passionately. Here's the story I sent to paper: 

Pawn shop: Try not to mix business with pleasure

This is definitely a week when we're glad we remembered to pay the cable bill. In previous blogs, I talked about the scripted shows -- "The Closer," "Perception," "White Collar," "Covert Affairs." Now let's peek at one reality show, "Hardcore Pawn," which returns Tuesday (July 10); here's the story I sent to papers:


Like most of us, Les Gold can be
tempted to buy a fancy car or a glitzy toy.