William Hurt

Hurt is the "Goliath" now, but he's been on the other side

"Goliath," which arrives Friday (Oct. 14), is one of the year's best new shows, extraordinary in its depth and emotion. Much of the credit goes to David Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro, two lawyers who have given TV some of its best writing, including "The Practice" and "Boston Law." But part of that goes to the perfect performances by Billy Bob Thornton and William Hurt. Here's the story I sent to papers, on Hurt and "Goliath":

By Mike Hughes

This one is a true epic

(Here's a story I just sent to papers, about a terrific mini-series that starts Monday. I'll add to this note later.)


We all know that “Moby Dick” –
the book, the movies, the fictional whale itself – is terribly big
and important. It takes a while, however, to figure out why.