Five best-bets for Wednesday, March 20

1) “Buble,” 10
p.m., NBC. This lush hour, beautifully directed, has a lot to like. A
superb orchestra does vibrant arrangements. Michael Buble roams among
the 36 musicians, singing classics -- “Fly Me to the Moon,”
“You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You,” etc. He also does songs
he co-wrote, including “Home,” a Blake Shelton hit. What's
missing? An audience ... and variety ... and (except for Cecile
McLorin Salvant on a “La Vie en Rose” duet) other singers. Still,
it's mostly a great hour.

2) “Modern
Family,” 9 p.m., ABC. Alex has been dating her opposite – a
firefighter she once described as “a beautiful ... not-so-bright
superhero.” Now he's been fascinating Dylan and Luke with tales of
heroism. Feeling emasculated, Phil invites the guys for a
male-bonding moment that goes wrong.

3) “SEAL Team”
return, 10 p.m., CBS. This was set to return last week, after a
six-week break. Then the break was extended, when CBS decided to cram
the final hours of “The World's Best” into one night. (A
12-year-old pianist from India won.) Now “SEAL” is back, with a
Congolese adventure.

4) “Pretty Little
Liars: The Perfectionists” debut, 8 p.m., Freeform. A gorgeous
campus is filled with troubled and telegenic students. One's mother
plans to run for president; another's father ran off with money,
Madoff-style. Entering this beautiful/ugly world are two “Pretty
Little Liars” grads – Alison, formerly a mean girl, and Mona,
formerly institutionalized. The schemes build quickly, in a stylish
hour that will remind you (in a good way) of the start of “How to
Get Away With Murder.”

5) “The Act,”
any time, Hulu. Four months ago, “Escape at Dannemora” brought
Patricia Arquette's stunning performance in a real-life story. The
Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild have already named her best
actress, with more to come. Now she's back – another true story,
troubled soul and superb performance. Joey King is also great as a
disabled teen who needs constant care. But how much of that is
fabricated by a mom clinging to control? The opener hints at darkness