Good -- well, great -- news: "Fringe" will return


For science-fiction fans -- which is to say, for all reasonable human beings -- there's been good, bad and good news.

The good: "Fringe" will be back for a fifth season, after all. The current season -- three more Fridays -- could have been the last. But Fox announced tonight that the show will be back for a final, 13-episode season.

The bad: "Eureka" won't be back. This 14-episode season on Syfy is itslast.

The good: At least, this final "Eureka" season is starting brilliantly. Its opening three-parter is filled with great twists. If you missed the first two episodes, don't fret; the entire three-parter runs from 7-10 p.m. Monday (April 30) on Syfy. It's great.