Hey, the "Idol" voters are making sense. Really.

"American Idol" viewers ofte get way too random, serving up some nasty surprises. Not this time, though.

After Wednesday's show (see two blogs back), I predicted that Hollie Cavanagh and Heejun Han  would be in th bottom two, with Hollie sent home. That would be fair, I said -- but the one who really should be sent is Skyler Laine.

And on Thursday's results show? Heejun and Hollie were, indeed, in  the final two; Heejun, however, was sent home. As a bonus, Skyler was in the bottom three.

In short, the viewers seem kind of sensible this week; I find myself grumble-free, which is unfamiliar turf. I'll add only a couple comments:

1) Scotty McCreery's new "Water Tower Town" is a good one. (It's kind of a close clone to Montgomery Gentry's "My Town," but that's a worthy song to copy.) This live performance didn't neccesarily do it justice, though. The lyrics -- good ones -- ere sometimes overwhelmed by the instruments.

2) Let's be glad Jimmy Iovine is there for some token frankness. The judges' comments seem even more overwrought when rerun close together. Suddenly, everything is great-groovy-wonderful; it turns out to be too much (way too much) of a good thing.