Idol gilds the music

A few comments about Wednesday's "American Idol":

1) With that sort of set-up -- white piano, fog and mist curling around violinists and cellists -- even I would seem like a great musician.

2) Oh wait, I just remembered: I wouldn't.

3) Colton Dixon had all of that going for him and still was only OK. He didn't do much with the song and the brief falsettos didn't work.

4) I was also disappointed by Phillip Phillips (fairly monotone song) and Skyler Laine (lots of shouting, not as much singing). Still, Skyler was part of a wonderful trio, with Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez.

5) As usual, Joshua and Jessica were sensational tonight. (They're my favorites; they used to share that with Dixon, but now he's down a fraction.) Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone were also excellent.

6) It was a great clothes night. I loved Jessica's silver dress, Colton's jacket, Skyler's dress, Joshua's white suitcoat and more. This stuff was so good I could almost sense Steven Tyler runnng onstage to steal it.

7) Most of all, I loved Hollie's pink jeans. Does anyone remember when bluejeans were blue?

8) If I ran the world -- and I really should, you know -- this week's bottom two would be Skyler and Phillip, with Skyler going home.

9) Actually, that's close to my prediction. I'll say Skyler and Hollie are the bottom two, with Hollie going home.

10) And now that I really remember, let's be clear on this: Even if I had all of the night's effects -- the fog and rain and fire, the violinists and  hot saxophonist and hotter dancer -- I still would not even remotely seem like a good musician.