"Idol": The good, the bland and the buoyantly bizarre

Hey, these "American Idol" judges should make up their minds.

They keep telling contestants to choose the right song and make it their own. Tonight, Nick Mitchell did all of that.

He chose exactly the song for him -- the big, broad, over-the-top show tune, "And I Am Telling You." He made it his own, so much so that I doubt anyone will want it back.

The judges shrugged, mostly, but let's give Mitchell credit. To do what he does -- a sort of parody of every oversized performance -- takes the right moves. He chose beautifully. The singing was a D; the rest of the performance was a solid A.

Here are some of my other comments: Please add yours:

1) It will be interesting to see Allison Iraheta and Alexis Grace in the next round. Both are teens who make good use of red hair dye. Both sing with a big, confident sound. The only difference is that Grace (who advanced last week) can also talk; Iraheta seemed confused by that prospect.

2) It was a chaotic night for right arms. Jesse Landseth's right arm was bare, her left was covered. Megan Joy Corkrey's right was wildly deorated in full-color tatoos; her left was unadorned.

3) Still, the night's best limbs, right or left, belonged to Janine Vaile. Her legs received so much praise that I thought they were going to get their own phone-in number.

4) Both Landseth and Corkrey are appealing talents, but I think they finished just short of the night's top three.

5) It also would have been nice to see Matt Breitzke in the final 12. This guy -- a beefy welder and a dad -- would be a neat match for Michael Sarver, who's already in the final 12.

6) My own should-and-will are identical. The three people I'm rooting for are also the ones I feel will make it: Iraheta will be the top female. Adam Lambert -- who seems sort of like Zach Efron's scary Goth cousin -- will be the top male. Kris Allen, a sleeper with a strong voice and boyish good looks, will finish third. We'll see.