"Idol": It's way too close

After tonight, how do you choose between "American Idol" contestants? Here were four great voices singing four great songs, backed by Ricky Minor's zesty band. The race to finish second is a virtual tie.

First place, of course, is another matter. That's Adam Lambert.

Adam is in a separate class. As a performer, he's Bo-plus, Taylor-plus; as a singer, he's Carrie-plus, Kelly-plus. As a star, he's unique and ready to go.

Still, I can't pick from the four candidates for second, each of them strong tonight. Here are a few of my comments; please add yours:

1) There were some follicle adventures tonight. Kris had something that could easily have been a mustache, given a few more months; Danny had something perilously close to being a beard.

2) If I had Kris' face, I would never let any hair interfere with it.

3) Of course, if I had Kris' face, I wouldn't be sitting here writing blogs.

4) Please read and comment on my previous two blogs. One reacts to the Simon Cowell interview in the new TV Guide; the other interviews last week's departees, Lil Round and Anoop Desai.

5) Yes, it was repetitive. Each time, Jamie Foxx said something about being really impressed by that particular person. Then again, that's the same way I felt.

6) Semi-hype: Foxx's "Blame It" is No. 1, Ryan Seacrest said. Well, it's No.1 on one of the Billboard charts; it's No. 5 overall. There's a difference; there are some charts where you can hit No. 1 without anyone knowing you exist.

7) Semi-semi-hype: Fox announced that "Glee" is "this fall's biggest hit." It announced that five months before the fall begins -- and before "Glee" has ever aired.

8) Then again, I can't really grumble about that. The fact is, the "Glee" pilot is a gleeful delight. You'll see when it has a sneak-preview airing on May 19, after the "Idol" performance finals.

9) The should-go, by tonight alone? Maybe, Kris Allen, with Allison Iraheta second-to-last and Matt Giraud third-to-last.  Basically, anyone but Adam.

10) The will-go? I'll say Matt, despite his great work tonight. Once again, Allison will ill-deservedly be down there with him; once again, she'll survive. Then again, it could be anyone but Adam.