"Idol" pulls a surprise rescue

OK, that's a twist I didn't see coming.

After Tuesday's "American Idol" (see previous blog), I predicted that Matt Giraud would have the fewest viewer votes, with Lil Rounds second-fewest and Anoop Desai third.

That much turned out to be true. What I never would have guessed was that judges would use their rescue -- the only one they get all season -- to save Giraud.

They did, which sort of makes sense. He's a good singer who just never quite got anything special out of his song this week, "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?"

Now he'll have to scramble next week, when only five of the seven will survive. Here are a few of my comments; please add yours.

1) There was Jennifer Hudson on stage, showing her spectacular voice. I almost thought I heard Miley Cyrus (scheduled to sing later in the show) saying, "Uh, excuse me ... I just remembered I have an appointment somewhere else."

2) I have nothing against Miley, actually. She's a bright, vigorous kid with a perfectly presentable pop voice. It's just that few mortals could safely follow Hudson.

3) That would have been the one consolation for Geraud: If he had been voted out tonight, he would have finished No. 7; that's where Hudson finished and she's now an Oscar-winner and Grammy-winner.

4) Other famous people who finished seventh are Ace Young and Kimberly Caldwell; both now co-host shows about "Idol." And, of course, Sanjaya Malukar. Bucky Covington, who has had some country hits, finished eighth.

5) Wasn't it nice of them, after the Ford plug and the long "17 Again" plug, to pause for some commercials?

6) For once, Ryan Seacrest wasn't exaggerating. He said Miley Cyrus has "dominated the entertainment media." That's true. She's had the sort domination that Darth Vader or Simon Cowell might dream of.

7) Disco week? Lil Rounds -- a terrific talent, despite Cowell's sniping -- could be dynamite on a big song, one like "I Will Survive." 

8) Adam Lambert will kill on whatever he chooses.

9) Disco could be trouble for several of the guys -- Kris Allen, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud.

10) I'm betting the entire disco era is already whirring through Giraud's mind. He has, after all, just surivived the closest call in "American Idol" history.







I, too, thought it was very weird that they saved Matt. Really not a fab move. My only thought was that they know disco week is going to go so horribly wrong (really? Kris singing a disco song?) that they're going to WANT to get rid of two people next week.


And, while we're on the subject, why is disco even a theme? The judges are constantly imploring the contestants to be current, relevant, marketable. None of that says "disco" to me. Entertainment Weekly's Michael Slezak makes the very good suggestion of doing a "dance music" week -- that, at least, makes room for current, relevant choices. Plus disco. If someone just *has* to go there. 

For several weeks it's really been a battle for 2nd place. Adam Lambert, with his young-Elvis looks and Mick Jagger stage presence may be the biggest star to come out of the AI machine -- bigger than Underwood and Clarkson, even bigger than William Hung.

Allyson should be the other finalist but I never underestimate the dialing/texting power of tweens who love Anoop and Kris.

I just wonder why the judges used their one-and-only save for someone who, as Simon accurately noted, has no chance of winning. 

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