"Idol": Smile though your stay is ending

Some "American Idol" choices make an ouster seem inevitable.

Flash back to 2007, when the final nine were suppose to each choose a classic American song. Gina Glocksen chose "Smile." It wasn't until after she'd been ousted, she said, that she realized the emotions involved with saying farewell while singing: "Smile, though your heart is breaking, smile even though it's aching ..."

And tonight? Paige Miles chose to sing "Smile." Judges unanimously agreed that she'll be gone. That means she'll be there Thursday, trying to smile while singing "Smile."

Except for that, it was another great night for the women -- who have been roughtly 400-per cent better than the men this year. Here are a few of my comments; please add yours:

1) Crystal Bowersox was sensational again. She's a complete performer, with a natural sense for each song.

2) Lilly Scott, Crystal's only consistent competitor, was merely OK. Her "I Fall to Pieces" was interesting, not sensational.

3) Lilly looks kind of funny with a little mandolin in her hands. She's a big person, in the good, Xena sense -- tall and broad-shouldered. The mandolin looks as out-of-place with her as it did when the hulking Bill Monroe played one.

4) Also, I'm pretty sure Lilly's earrings once held some of the creatures from the movie "Aliens."

5) Siobhan Magnus, by comparison, was even better than the judges said she was. This was a great take on "House of the Rising Sun." The song about a brothel was popularized by Eric Burdon and the Animals, but it's best when sung by a woman; Siobhan's a cappella first verse provided the mournful quality the song needs.

6) Last week, Katelyn Epperly was terrific and the judges claimed her song was too slow. This time, her peppy version of a Carole King song seemed rushed.

7) The judges did, however, praise her Carole King hair. That's also the old Keri Russell hair. It gets several votes from me any time.

8) While we're being petty and snipey, if Paige does make it to next week, please hire someone to steal her lip gloss.

9) Didi Benami was OK and way better than her over-chipper song last week.

10) Katie Stevens and Lacey Brown were merely OK. For the guys this year, that would be enough to survive. In this talented bunch of women, however, they'll need more.