I'm still stranded

Everything turned out fine and I finally got off the S.S. Badger story, after the ship was stranded -- a few feet from my home state of Wisconsin -- Thursday for four hours and 20 minutes. Here's the story I sent:


ABOARD THE BADGER – On its first
voyage of the season, the S.S. Badger stranded its passengers for
hours, a few feet from shore.

“This is not an auspicious start,”
said Hugh Hornstein of Muskegon, making his annual opening-day trip
on the ship.

The Badger left Ludington with
considerable fanfare, including politicians, company officials and
Miss Ludington (Jodi Beckman). It held more than 300 passengers, plus
vehicles ranging from a 150-foot semi-truck to the “Baby Badger”
mini-train for kids.

It made it to Manitowac, Wisc., shortly
after the scheduled time of noon CT – but then stopped a few feet
from shore. Announcements said the starboard engine had failed, so
the ship couldn't be docked; they also said tugboats would arrive in
about two hours.

One tug, theWilliam C. Selvick, did
arrive at about 3:20 p.m. CT, ut made little initial progress pushing
the massive ship. By 3:45 p.m. CT, the Badger was being nudged toward
an arrival that would be about four hours late.

A welcoming party had been waiting on
shore. The Badger had free food for people willing to wait in long

Its people resumed “Badger bingo”
and kept up their cheery countenance. “We hang out a little
longer,” Beckham, 20, of Shelby, said with a queenly grin. At that
point, she had been wearing her crown for seven hours; it was, she
said, her first trip on the Badger.