Lacey's gone? That makes sense

Lots of times, no-surprise is a really good thing. That was the case tonight, when "American Idol" voters sent Lacey Brown home.

I was still recovering from last week -- (see a couple blogs back) -- when Lilly Scott and Katelyn Epperly were wrongly ousted. This time, there was no such shock. Lacey seems like a nice kid with a great hair stylist, but that still doesn't make her tour-worthy or top-10-worthy. Here are a few of my other comments; please add yours:

1) It was also no surprise to see Tim Urban in the bottom three. Last week, he did a great job; this week, nothing about his performance made sense.

2) It was surprising, though, to see Paige Miles in the bottom two. This week, she blasted some solid Stones rock 'n' roll.

3) It's easy to say -- as I did last night -- that Rolling Stones songs are simply too hard for mortals to perform. Then, alas, David Cook proved that wrong, doing a terrific job on "Jumping Jack Flash."

4) Incidentally, did you notice that Cook came instead of the usual, badly done group number? Let's praise "Idol" for that.

5) Or, at least, let's forgive it for coming out of commercials and into TWO STRAIGHT thinly disguised Ford commercials. Not one, but two.

6) What a contrast between tonight's other two guests. Orianthi seems like a solid, straightforward talent -- good song, good voice, good look, great guitar riffs. Ke$ha seemed like ... well, like somebody decided Lady Gaga is way too drab.

7) To do one song,  Ke$ha had two outfits, four dancing TV sets (plugged in, in what must have sent stage electricians into apoplexy) and an Indian war bonnet. It's like she had to be the entire Village People.

8) Then again, it may be paying off. Ke$ha ha$ been $upremely $ucce$$ful.

9) Each year, I make a chart of the top 12 and then cross them out. Each year, the viewers forget to consult my chart before voting. This time, at last, they did. Lacey Brown, No. 12 on the chart, has just been crossed out.

10) At the top of the chart (in order) are Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche, Siobhan Magnus and Casey James. Lilly would be there, too, if I had my way. And No. 11? That's Andrew Garcia, who thereby will be leaving next week. Sorry about that, bro.