Oh great, bachelor Brad is back

From time to time, I proclaim that this is it: "The Bachelor" has finally screwed up so badly that people will never watch it again.

They still do, much to my astonishment. Now comes their biggest challenge: In January, Brad Womack will be the new bachelor.

Yes, that's the same guy who three years ago started with 25 gorgeous women, ended with two terrific ones ... and chose no one. The whole time had been a waste -- even more than all those times when guys politely waited a few weeks before dumping his choice.

Now he's back, with ABC insisting he's a changed man who will acually make a choice. Then again, ABC says he's a "sincere, sexy, self-made man." On the self-made part: His brother started some successful Dallas nightclubs, then got Womack to run one of them.

This time, "Bachelor" has screwed up so badly people will never watch it again.