A quick look at CBS and Idol

This has been a busy day, so let me rush through  two things:

-- After some bold moves by the other networks (see previous blogs), CBS had only a couple surprises.

-- And for "American Idol," I see a Joshua-Phillip finale. Details:

1) CBS' big surprise involves nudging "Two and a Half Men" over to Thursdays, where a better show ("Big Bang Theory") can boost it. That makes room for one new comedy (from the "Will & Grace" guys) on Mondays, with "2 Broke Girls" at th crucial 9 p.m. slot.

2) The other surprise involves cancelling "Unforgettable," which was a strong No 15 in last week's ratings. That leaves room for three new dramas -- on Tuesdays, Thursdays ("Mentalist" moves to Sundays, providing a considerable upgrade from the canceled "CSI: Miami") and Fridays ("Undercover Boss" waits until mid-season.

3) I want Jimmy Iovine to make all decisions for "Idol" singers -- and maybe to make all decisions for everybody. The judges did badly tonight, giving tough songs to the final three; Joshua Ledet conquered his (as usual), Jessica Sanchez was overwhelmed by hers, Phillip Phillips was somewhere between. But the closing songs, chosen by Iovine, let all of them shine.

4) Phillips started badly, but had the advantage of going last, with a song he ended beautifully. I'm predicting a Joshua-Phillip finale ... and I'm rooting for Joshua, who is sensationally talented.